About Me

I have a heartfelt desire to help individuals, couples and families who are experiencing conflict, stress, and anxiety due to problems that seem overly challenging right now. There may be deep inner pain related to the darkness of grief and loss, there may be feelings of self-doubt and insecurity due to relational turmoil with significant others, or you may be disheartened by your current lifestyle, spiritual understanding, or career profession, especially in the high tech world. Perhaps I can lend a listening ear, a caring heart and some gentle assistance to help you to discern what new directions to consider and how best to find the motivation for taking action and moving forward.

I am a licensed marriage & family therapists (LMFT), a licensed professional counselor (LPC) and a national certified counselor (NCC) holding a doctorate in human development and professional coaching, and a second doctorate in spiritual formation and leadership. I am based in Ann Arbor, Michigan, where I provide psychotherapy, counseling, coaching, and spiritual direction for individuals, couples and families in all phases of life. My husband and I have three children. We love to spend time making fun foods together, playing and listening to music, supporting college football and USTA tennis, reading, watching movies, and laughing with extended family and friends.

My story doesn't start in the usual way

I joined the tech industry as an engineer after completing my bachelor degree studies in artificial intelligence, computer science and math. I spent twenty years living and breathing that tech world, experimenting in cybernetics, artificial intelligence, programming, network infrastructure design, and information systems while working for engineering firms all over the world, eventually serving as the Executive Director of Information Technology in education at the University level.

As much as I enjoyed troubleshooting technology in my role as a computer geek, caring for my fellow engineers became my true passion. There was a time when my professional title was officially "Programmer Analyst", yet my employer and coworkers referred to me as "Programmer Analyst and Professional Counselor." I was told that this is how my title should appear on my business card. During my time in the tech industry, I learned that the computer geek-types felt the same pressures and weaknesses that all people do, but they were expected to hide their troubles.

It was clear that they needed someone who understood. They needed a listening ear, a like-minded thinker, and a place of healing.

I changed career tracks, and I earned a M.A. in Professional Counseling (George Fox University, 2002), a second M.A. in Marriage and Family Therapy (George Fox University, 2007), a MDiv equivalent degree leading to the completion of a doctorate in Ministry, DMin, in Leadership and Spiritual Formation (Portland Seminary, 2006), a certification in Spiritual Direction (Portland Seminary, 2007), and a Ph.D. in Human Development and Professional Coaching (International University of Professional Studies, 2015). I interned and worked at The Anxiety Disorders Clinic (Lake Oswego, Oregon), Good Samaritan Ministries (Beaverton, Oregon) and completed my full licensing requirements for the State of Michigan at my private practice, Kare Counseling, and at The Family Counseling Center (Ann Arbor, Michigan). I have 18+ years of experience in the counseling and psychotherapy field. I wouldn't trade a second of this part of my life to be anywhere else.

Which brings us to now. You have, no doubt, experienced the ups and downs of life. The downs have a tendency to stick with us, to form callouses in our hearts, and scars the effect how we interact with people and view ourselves. It doesn't have to be this way.

Scars that take years to form won't be erased in one session. But I can promise this: We will walk together, shoulder to shoulder, until those scars are a small chapter in your story, instead of the whole book.

If this is what you want for your life, please get in touch today.

Contact Details

Keri Warren, PhD, LMFT, LPC, NCC
1945 Pauline Blvd., Suite 10
Ann Arbor, MI 48103

Phone: (734) 838-4716

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Professional Qualifications

CS & Artificial Intelligence, UCSC. B.S. Degree in Computer Science Minor: Mathematics, 1992 - Western Oregon University (WMU) Monmouth, Oregon

M.A. Degree in Professional Counseling, 2002 - George Fox University (GFU), Portland, Oregon

Doctorate degree in Leadership and Spiritual Formation 2006 - Portland Seminary, Oregon, DMin, MDiv.

M.A. Marriage & Family Therapy, 2007- George Fox University (GFU) Portland, Oregon M.A., MFT.

Certification in Spiritual Direction 2007 - Portland Seminary, Oregon.

Ph.D. Human Development and Professional Coaching, 2015 - International University of Professional Studies (IUPS), Maui, HI

How I Work

As you can imagine, there are a variety of treatment methods available. From one end of the spectrum there is the psychoanalytic couch work where clients lie down several times a week and say whatever comes to mind. Clients engaged in this process are free to verbalize anything and everything pertaining to thoughts, feelings or body sensations. Some of the deeper, more conflicting issues often arise either indirectly or symbolically and the therapist can help to interpret what's really being communicated so that any hidden or unspoken pain that is crying out for healing can be addressed. I have undergone my own psychoanalytic therapy for seven years and I continue my own self-study and self-analysis that is based on the model taught by David Klein, PhD, psychoanalyst in the Ann Arbor area. I will integrate this knowledge and understanding when providing psychodynamic therapy treatment. There are other helpful ways for working with unconscious or repressed material. For example, I enjoy sand tray therapy, art therapy, interpersonal and developmental therapies as well as the integration of prayer and spirituality that I believe are excellent modalities for gaining access to unconscious material and can help to re-create healthy attachments for promoting deep and powerful healing. On the other end of the spectrum, I have extensive training in the more interactive and experiential methods, including the directive and highly structured cognitive-behavioral (CBT) therapy approaches. Since no one client is like any other client, I do not impose a one size fits all approach. There are times too, when clients prefer to engage in couch work when seeking spiritual direction or when engaged in certain couples techniques as part of the Imago Relationship Therapy (IRT) model. How I work depends fully on your needs, your preferences, your style, and the treatment methods that are most appropriate for your circumstances.

When we first meet together, I will review the paperwork that you complete and bring with you to your first session. I will then ask a few important questions, such as: “In your heart of hearts, what do really want in life?” and “If you were celebrating and clapping high fives because we accomplished your goals, what would they be?” I will also ask if you wish to integrate any spiritual growth goals, as some clients seek me specifically for this reason and some do not. Learning about you, your style, and your preferences will help me to know how best to proceed.

From here, we develop a treatment plan, keeping in mind that other issues may surface along the way and can be integrated and prioritized, depending on the severity of the problems. And if there are certain emotional, psychological, or spiritual challenges that are harder to understand and define, I will provide strategies for promoting deeper insight and awareness to keep you moving forward at a safe and realistic pace.

This gives us a solid foundation from which to build on together. For some clients, this process takes months. For others, it can take years. No one person or problem is equal to another. But know that each person who works with me will make some form of progress and is forever changed. All people are welcome! I value and appreciate individual differences. As we begin our journey together, it is my hope that you feel cared for, accepted, loved, and ultimately known from within your own heart that you are a person of great value and worth.

Get Started

If you are interested in scheduling a session with me, please complete the contact form below to send and email or call (734) 838-4716.

Should you need to cancel or reschedule an appointment, I require a 24-hour notice. Without the 24-hour notice, the missed session will be billed at the full rate. I may choose to waive this charge in the case of emergencies.

There may be additional fees for psychological testing, scoring, writing reports or letters on your behalf, or for photocopies of treatment materials.

I accept cash or check. I am out-of-network with BC/BS BCN (Blue Care Network), but I can provide monthly billing statements for out-of-network health insurance claims for you to submit for reimbursement. For clients that prefer to keep billing and their sessions as separated from each other as possible, I can keep your credit card or HSA prepaid health savings card securely on file and bill for each session automatically. A sliding fee scale option is not available at this time.


  • I started working with Keri when I was feeling overwhelmed by anxiety and worry soon after 9/11. She was able to provide support and help me manage my everyday life. We were then able to move on to the deeper issues that were at the heart of my anxiety. She provided a safe place for me to do my work and offered different modalities like cognitive behavioral therapy. My husband and I also had a very positive experience with Keri and Imago therapy. She helped us gain insight into each other and helped us communicate on a deeper level. I appreciate Keri's kindness and creativity. She has a genuine passion for helping others grow and heal.

    Client, Elizabeth (click on dots if interested in more testimonies)
  • Finding my way to Dr. Keri has changed my life in ways I don't think would have ever happened otherwise no matter how many self help books I read, yoga classes I attended or church pews I sat in. She has an absolute gift for boiling down your background and whatever brought you to her to what your underlying struggles are, what circumstances caused them and how to use that information to understand yourself and grow. For the first time in my life, I feel truly understood and accepted and that has empowered me to begin to accept myself (and others), gain confidence, draw boundaries, and forgive my failings and so much more. It really has impacted so many areas of my life that I would have never expected. I am certain that no matter what someone's circumstances, she can make an enormous difference.

    Client, Katie
  • Dr. Keri works passionately to integrate objectivity, compassion, and sensitivity into her faith-based therapeutic approach to counseling. Her innovative treatments include contemporary and traditional consultations that empower her patients to find clarity in their thought processes. Keri provided me with cognitive tools that lead to life-long healthy thoughts and perspectives. My deepest gratitude to you!

    Client, Brianna
  • Working with Keri has truly been blessing! From the moment we met, it was easy to recognize her kind and loving heart, and passion for her work. She has invested in me and my personal growth in ways beyond my expectation, and I appreciate how much she cares about all aspects of my life. I’m thankful for her support in managing anxiety and building underdeveloped relationships, as well as the side effects of these challenges. Keri has made such a significant impact on my life! Thank you!

    Client, Lily
  • Keri's background provides her with the ability to approach coaching and counseling from a “systems thinking” perspective, which was helpful for me given the way that I think. She also supported us spiritually, sometimes praying with us and integrating encouragement from the Scriptures when appropriate. Her systems thinking perspective combined with a sense of humor and unconditional acceptance of people make Keri an exceptional and highly effective counselor and coach.

    Client, Shane
  • Dr. Warren, I woke up with the clear realization that I had no anger inside me - that I am such a different person today that I was 1 year ago. I am no longer plagued with insomnia and I no longer battle with bitterness and resentment. I feel more at peace, more gentle, more kind, and more loving. These were my prayers one year ago when I felt so alone in my sadness and brokenness. You were an answer to those prayers. It was no accident that I found you and that you regularly had words for me that I knew were from the Lord and ministered to me so deeply. I will always treasure the wisdom (Imago Relationship Therapy, Sand Tray Therapy, REBT, Spiritual Direction) and the messages from God (Psalm 23, etc.) that you shared with me. They were all gifts from God to me wrapped up in your gentle, kind, caring, and compassionate ways, for which I am so thankful. You were Jesus to me in a time when I needed to be healed. Thank you so much for being a conduit of the Holy Spirit's work in my life. I have been to several counselors in the past, but I truly healed the restoration is such a wonderful feeling! I think that you're a lovely person. God is so good. I cannot get over how much He blessed me through you, Keri. You have made a difference in my life and for this I am grateful.

    Client, Alexandra
  • Keri has met and exceeded all expectations. Her overall performance has been outstanding. She is highly empathetic, teachable, tenacious, self-aware, insightful, skilled in the process of counseling, mature, able to confront appropriately, and willing to give 100% to each client. As a marriage and family therapist, perhaps Keri's greatest strength was her sincere care and appreciation for her clients. Her genuine heart of compassion drove her to endless 'behind the scene' research and study of treatment strategies and the discovery of resources to meet the individual needs of each of her clients. She was prepared for each session, with articles, books, or video tapes in hand for clients to continue learning outside of sessions. Upon completion of internship, clients are required to complete an evaluation of the therapist. Client feedback described Keri as 'a great help in seeing the root of the problem, a teacher, helping me to look at my life in a different way.' 'She has outside materials to help me progress in leaps and bounds.' 'Keri is, without a doubt, the best therapist I have ever known.'

    Supervisor, Pat
  • Keri Warren is probably the most outstanding therapist that I have ever supervised. When she worked as my clinical intern, she also worked as the Executive Director of Institutional Technology at George Fox University, and she has had similar positions at other universities for the last fifteen years. While Keri has a documented history of exceptional contribution to the advancement of technology services, it was her ability to work with people that have meant the most to her. Keri’s natural ability to listen to people, hear their needs, and in a collaborative fashion help them achieve their goals has been instrumental in her decision to pursue a career in clinical psychology. During her internship at our clinic, Keri had demonstrated superb ability to establish solid therapeutic alliances, characterized by the core dimensions of acceptance, empathy, and congruence. In fact, I have never known a more caring therapist.

    Supervisor, Harold
  • Keri had only been here for only three years and yet arguably was the greatest change-agent in the area of technology that the institution has ever seen. Keri was not only instrumental in starting a strategic renewal process but has been a key person in the implementation of many of the changes. It should scarcely be surprising that Keri enjoyed tremendous faculty support and good will. Actually faculty has more reasons to appreciate Keri. First of all, she was genuinely interested in helping faculty do their work, and she took great pains to communicate fully with them. Even her training and interests reflected this. Thus even though her actual degree was in Computer Science and Mathematics, Keri had special interests in Cognitive Psychology and Artificial Intelligence, particularly in terms of what these studies reveal about human learning. While Keri has a lot of energy and initiative, she was also very communicative and consultive, and an ultimate team player, who was more interested in improving things that completing a pre-conceived agenda or achieving any personal aggrandizement. Last, but not least, Keri is a thoroughly delightful human being. Her effervescent warmth lights up the environment.

    University Provost, Paul
  • Keri has done outstanding work. She is a quick-learner and is highly capable. Keri is competent in several areas. She is a trained psychologist. She has expertise in spiritual direction. And, she is adept in computer science. That is quite a combination of skills! Keri is fair-minded and possesses a winsome personality. She is able to think through issues on her own and bring unique insight to the table.

    Department Chair, Ken
  • Keri responds to my frustrations with sensitivity and helpful assurance. I am never made to feel feeble-minded for not knowing even the most obvious solutions to my problems. I especially appreciate her sense of humor to smooth over any awkwardness I might feel.

    Client, Nancy
  • I’ve seen an unbelievable demonstration of a combination of courage and analytical skills gently and kindly applied to implement and foster change. In organizing my thoughts, I consulted with a colleague who has also worked closely with Keri. As we discussed just how clearly unique she is, he made the comment, 'And I can’t think of anyone even similar to her.'

    Client, Burt
  • Keri is a delight. She is efficient, listens well, and is responsive to my individual needs.

    Client, Evan
  • Keri is able to look beyond the present symptoms and process information from a systemic view. This allows her to coordinate treatment with those involved in the problem and move to work towards the solution. The integration of theories allows Keri to attend to many different populations and be versatile to meet the needs of the clients. In sum, I really can't say enough good things about Keri.

    Clinical Supervisor, Valerie
  • Keri's energy in pursuing goals and her creative spirit are stronger than any other employee I have ever had. She puts her heart and mind into work, considerate for both the abilities and feelings of others, as well as tenacious in pursuing what work she knows and needs to be done. Keri is strong in the ability to know and listen to others. It is rare to find such a combination of interpersonal skills and technical abilities in one person.

    Supervisor, Barbara
  • Keri has a drive that stems from her many and varied life experiences which she taps into to serve her clients well. She is unafraid to face issues that are difficult. One case included a couple that suffered the lack of healthy attachment, distrust and poor communication styles. Keri worked extensively with the couple using attachment theories and especially Imago Relationship Therapy which resulted in easing the tensions in their marriage.

    Clinical Supervisor, Sabrina
  • Keri has an incredible passion for the people she works with and does a remarkable job of encouraging professional, personal, and spiritual growth in the people around her. Keri is gifted in seeing the potential in others and motivating them to continually grow. Keri led by example. She is very efficient at multi-tasking and working under pressure. She remains calm and level headed during times of conflict and crisis. Keri’s ability to see the 'big picture' allows her to make the tough decisions and effectively work through difficult situation. Empowering her staff to solve problems and make decisions is something Keri works hard to promote. Keri clearly communicated to her staff to be creative and think 'outside the box' when solving problems. Keri was always quick to give credit to her staff when things went well. More importantly, she would take responsibility and protect her staff when problems and conflict occurred. Her style of management gave the staff a safe, trusting environment to perform their job. Keri brings a high level of creativity, interpersonal skills, compassion, integrity, teamwork, and a strong work ethic to any organization.

    Employee, Dan

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Are you happy with who you are today? Are you satisfied with your significant relationships, your profession, your marriage, or your family life circumstances? Do you have inner peace? Do you feel that you have found your calling in life and are pursuing your goals and dreams? If your honest answer to these questions is no, I believe I can help.

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